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Oriental Persimmons

Available October through November - Oriental Persimmons


What is the most consumed fruit in the world? The Oriental persimmon. This is an astonishing fact to most Americans, who if asked, incorrectly assume that the apple is the correct reply.

The non astringent Oriental Persimmon diospyros kaki is large, sweet, crisp, and frequently seedless. The Oriental persimmon is quite different from its American relative diospyros virginiana. Our native American persimmon is small, full of seeds, astringent, and can only be eaten after it has become soft and overripe.

We offer several different varieties of these delectable Oriental persimmons. They are delicious raw or dried and can be used in pies, cakes, puddings, or breads. As requested by our Asian customers, we do grow a few astringent varieties of Oriental persimmons, so please let us know your preference.

We have several different Japanese varieties available. Please click on each variety for larger photos.

Fuyu Persimmon

(medium size)

Two varieties available:

Matsomoto Wase Fuyu - (round, sweet, early variety)
Fuyu - (round and sweet, late season)

(pictured is a Hana Fuyu)

Jiro Persimmon
- sweet flat, quadrated fruit that sweetens up as soon as it starts to turn color

Three varieties available
Makawa Jiro - the first of the jiros to ripen
Jiro - mid season
Ichikeiki Jiro - mid season

Tanenashi Persimmon
- astringent

Large, elongated with a pointed end, and one of the most beautiful of all the Oriental persimmons in color and shape, this fruit is astringent until it softens. It is highly favored by our older, more knowledgeable Asian customers. It is excellent for cooking or drying


Saijo Persimmon
- astringent

Saijo means "the very best one" and we will have to agree. It is small, elongated, and mottled with black/purple tones and must be very soft before being consumed. Exquisite flavor!


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